COVID-19 Coronavirus: 5 Things Creative People Can Do During Isolation

Silhouette of a man in front of a white window
Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

How quickly things can change. A week ago, I wrote an article that briefly discussed the increasing rates of remote work opportunities. Today, many governments and corporations worldwide are making remote work mandatory for many employees, while the world deals with the rising severity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you’re like many in the entertainment/hospitality industries, you’ve likely found yourself suddenly without a job. While I won’t make any generalized recommendations in that regard (because everyone’s financial and life situations are unique), this article will highlight 5 things that people with creative talents can do while in isolation as the world fights and recovers from COVID-19.

#1: Build Your Portfolio

If you read my previous post about how creative people can earn new incomes in 2020 (you can read it here if you haven’t), you’ll know that remote freelance work is an excellent opportunity for those with creative skill sets and talents to earn some money. In most cases, however, to be able to find new work and clients, you’ll need to showcase your abilities in a portfolio.

What better time to put one together than right now?

Chances are you’ve completed tonnes of projects (be they publicly available or not) that show off your talents, but maybe you just haven’t put them all together in one place yet. By building a portfolio, you’d accomplish just that, so that with only the click of a button, your next potential employer can see the best of what you have to offer and why they should hire you over someone else.

There are many platforms available on the internet (several of which are free) that you can use to upload your work and showcase your talents and skills in your own unique way. If you don’t know where to start, click on the link below for a list of 9 free websites that you can use to build a great digital portfolio.

Read: The 9 Best Free Portfolio Websites for Creating an Impressive Digital Portfolio

#2: Learn Something New

If you’re anything like myself, any large block of time that frees up in your schedule becomes a great opportunity to learn something new. Whether it be picking up my guitar to learn a new song / technique, scouring the web for information on how to write and develop fictional characters, or taking an online marketing course to boost my credentials, I’m always on the hunt to learn something.

Close up of book labelled Graphic Design
Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

There are a lot of free courses on the internet that can teach you new skills or improve upon existing ones that can help you turn your passion into profits. While the coronavirus has thrown the world into a state of uncertainty, we can still choose to do something positive with the extra time we may or may not have wanted. Why not use that spare time to do something productive?

#3: Share Some of Your Work

Great art is meant to be shared. In times like these, I’m sure, like many others, you could use a break from the constant flood of panic posts and #coronavirus updates taking place on an hourly basis. Instead, why not flood the world with some of your creative work and give others a break too?

The simple act of just sharing a painting you painted, a video or clip of the song you’re working on, or a few pictures you took can be a bright spot on someone’s news feed that is likely otherwise a bombardment of end of the world talk.

Many of us turn to art and music already, so why not pass the buck a little and share some of it?

#4: Find New Inspiration

If there’s one thing I can say about my own creative works, it’s that the inspiration to create them can come from anywhere.

For example, whenever I’m going through a rough patch in life, I typically find a way to write poems or fiction or songs about dark and gloomy things. It’s just my way of processing those events and turning them into something else that’s not so bad. On the flip side, whenever I’m happy, it just seems more natural for me to notice all of the intricate and beautiful details that make living life so great. As a result, during those times, I write about nature or fantasy or other happy stuff.

Two acoustic guitars next to each other
Hello again my friends.

I don’t think I need to state that a lot is going on in the world right now, but it’s not all gloom, death, and disaster… even though there is a lot of that going around too. I’m not going to tell anyone what type of art they should make, how they should feel about COVID-19, or how people and society are acting because of it, nor how they should interpret and internalize everything that’s taking place across the globe. But maybe what’s happening right now inspires you to do something about it in your own creative way, and if it does, that’s never a bad thing.

Creating things is a great way to express one’s self healthily; almost as if it were therapy for our souls.

#5: Create Something

Best used in combination with all of the suggestions above, creating new work is always a good use of your time. The joy that one gets from the process of creating something is worth performing the process itself, let alone all of the other benefits that come from having made something awesome.  

Plain and simply put, the world is a better place when people are creating new things within it. Art, music, technology… all of these things started as ideas in someone’s head, and it’s creative people like yourself that get to shape new ideas into something the rest of us can see, experience, or use.

Man in front of several graffiti paintings painting one of them
Photo by Ari He on Unsplash

That being said, if you’ve got the time, go create something. There’s never a better time than now to do anything… as isn’t now the only time we ever really have?

Kurt Vonnegut once said, “To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” 

Well put, Mr. Vonnegut. If not now, then when?

Creative isolation isn’t all bad

At the time of writing, we don’t know how long or how severe the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will continue across the world. However, we as a species, as a society, and as communities will get through this together. Light has and always will shine through the darkness.

In the meantime, don’t let your life stop or fall victim to panic or depression. These are tough times, but there’s still a lot you can do from home while being a socially responsible person and doing your diligence in keeping the spread of the virus to a minimum.

Go create something awesome, simply because you can. You’ll be glad you did.

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