Evergreen Content Explained: Why You Need It

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In this second part of an Evergreen Content Series, I’m going to discuss why you need evergreen content and why it’s essential to growing your audience (and, therefore, income).

As stated in the first post of the series, the Creative Wealth Project was designed specifically for creative types, and so, the examples I use for demonstration within this article will primarily draw from a creative industry (in this case, the music industry). Still, the lessons here apply to anyone in any work sector looking to leverage evergreen content for their business.

If you haven’t already read Evergreen Content Explained: What Is It? I’d suggest starting there to familiarize yourself with what evergreen content is, but if you’re already familiar with it, let’s keep going and move on to why it’s important for growing your business.

Evergreen Content Ranks Higher in SEO

If you’re at all aware of how search engine optimization works, you’ll know that a high SEO ranking is critical to having your post show up first in the vast ocean of content on the internet.

Perhaps you’re the type to of person who sifts through dozens of pages of google search results (I believe an episode of FX’s television comedy The League termed someone who does such an activity as a “Deep Googler”)… but most people don’t make it too far past the first few pages before they abandon their search and try something new if they can’t find what they’re looking for.

Google’s Vice President (Ben Gomes) of Engineering once proclaimed that the goal of the company is to get users the exact answers they are looking for, and faster, and so if your content isn’t ranked as priority content in a Google search… it’s going to get buried in the search results and be very hard for you to generate interest and organic web traffic. As of March 2020, Google holds just shy of 92% of the Search Engine Marketshare WORLDWIDE… so take a moment and let that point sink in.

If your posts aren’t ranking on Google… they’re not ranking, period.

Evergreen content, luckily, consistently receives a higher SEO ranking than other news-based or trendy content. Google’s complex series of algorithms are designed to rank searched content based on things like relevance, how long a user spends on a page, keywords, quality of content, etc. … and evergreen content, if written well done, checks off all of those requirements.

Therefore, the more quality evergreen content you have… the higher your posts, and your website will be ranked on Google.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an example of what happened when I typed my former band’s name The Creekwater Junkies (we have been disbanded for nearly 10 years) in a Google Search engine:

Google search results for The Creekwater Junkies
Look at all that Evergreen Content: for a band that’s been inactive for a decade, there are still links to videos, social media accounts, and even other websites appearing in Google’s search results.

The first website that appears does so before my band’s OWN Facebook page. The site (spirit-of-metal.com) I’ll admit, is a website that at the time of writing, I’ve never heard of before. Apparently, the site’s owners uploaded something about my band after we debuted our EP way back in 2008… but guess what? That website just got some traffic from ME 12 years later, simply because I googled some keywords that triggered their related content to come up in a search, and I happened to click on their page out of curiosity.

That leads me to my next point:

Evergreen Content is High Traffic Content

When your content is ranked high in Google’s search results, it’s going to be visible. With higher visibility, comes more clicks, and with more clicks, comes more website traffic.

Google is continually changing how it’s algorithms determine search rankings, but one consistent ranking factor is how many times a page/website has been viewed and is being viewed regularly. So, if your content becomes visible through a search result, that exposure will likely lead to more clicks and website traffic. This, in turn, allows you to promote your other posts/services/products your site offers… which consequently also generates even more views, clicks, and website traffic.

The Creekwater Junkies page on website Spirit-of-metal.com
Naturally, I had to check out the website that outranked my band’s own Facebook page in a search result. Turns out, while the page featuring my band is nothing special (1 fan? COME ON), the site itself has been active for almost 20 years.

Remember: evergreen content has an infinite shelf life. While other pages around it expire, it will always stay fresh.

Evergreen Content Generates Leads over Time

The third part of the equation is that evergreen content continues to generate leads over time. As long as the content stays relevant (which is what makes it evergreen content), it will appear highly ranked in Google’s search results. This, in turn, generates more web traffic (and keeps it highly ranked in Google’s search results). And with more web traffic, comes more leads.

The best part is, if you continue to produce back-links to other evergreen content on your website, any clicks those links receive will help boost those posts’ rankings in Google as well (and your website) and help them generate more leads too!

Going back to my Google search of The Creekwater Junkies experiment, when browsing the website I landed upon (spirit-of-metal.com), I didn’t really find the information I was looking for regarding precisely what it was or how I ended up there. So, naturally, I clicked on a social media icon and went to their Facebook page. Once there, I found a little bit more information about their service in addition to some other cool stuff too… so I decided to follow them and gave their page a like!

Look at how many likes the Spirit of Metal Web-Zine has! They just got one more too… because I gave them a like when I followed them. Lead generation at it’s finest.

And with that spontaneous example, I have inadvertently demonstrated why evergreen content is essential. I didn’t plan on using my own band as an example for the purpose of this article, but it perfectly showcases the process and power of evergreen content in the form of a post about my band from 2008. Let’s recap the process:

  1. I typed The Creekwater Junkies into Google and saw a website (www.spirt-of-metal.com) appear at the top of results which I was unfamiliar with (Evergreen Content Ranks Higher in SEO)
  2. My curiosity now peaked, I clicked on the link to investigate it (Evergreen Content Generates Web Traffic)
  3. Interested in what I found on the website, I directed myself to their social media page through an icon posted on the page, investigated a few other posts they’d made, and decided to follow them (Evergreen Content Generates New Leads).

Simple, but powerful stuff right?

Why Evergreen Content is important: summary

In this short but sweet post, I’ve outlined why evergreen content is important using a spontaneous but perfect example when I Googled my long-inactive band to serve as a demonstration.

As you can see, evergreen content can produce immediate results, but it’s most exceptional value comes because it continues to do so over time.

Producing quality content remains critical, but if well done, evergreen content will consistently rank higher in SEO and therefore generate more web traffic and more leads for your business.

So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and start producing evergreen content today, and you will continue to reap its benefits tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the next post in the Evergreen Content Series, where I discuss how to use and create quality evergreen content!

Don’t forget to follow The Creative Wealth Project below and if you like what you’re reading… spread the wealth and share it with your friends!

That’s it for today, folks!

Never stop creating!

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