About me

Me – Mitch Cuming

hi, i’m mitch

I’m the founder of The Creative Wealth Project, something I started inspired by my desire to help creative people of all types use their talents to generate their own incomes. I’ve met a lot of talented people in my days, and I hope to meet many more. This is my way of saying thanks for making so much cool stuff.

I myself am a musician, a budding author, a poet, a brewer, a philosopher, and a freelance writer. I’m also quite educated in the field of business and marketing. That last bit is really where the two dots connect.

I believe everyone should enjoy the work they do for a living and I know I am personally happiest when I’m creating something. I also know that there are plenty of creative people out there who possess great talents just waiting to be discovered. I want to help them find their audience.

That’s what the Creative Wealth Project is all about: a little business meets a little art to help grow and prosper the creative community.

Like my writing style? If you’re looking for a freelance writer, I’m available for hire. Send me an email with “Freelance Writer” and your name / business in the subject line and we can get in touch to chat about your next project: mitchcuming17@gmail.com