Submission Guidelines

Want to be a featured creator?

While this site is just in its infancy, it’s still important to lay down some ground rules I have when it comes to accepting submissions to be featured creators. This site is designed to help expose creative people and their talents, but I’d like to focus on those who could benefit most by doing so.

What that means is, there are a few basic rules I have for submitting work at this time:

  1. Entrepreneurs are welcome; corporate support is not – what that means is I won’t accept music owned by record labels, graphic art done for corporate use, etc. This should be YOUR work and YOUR passion.
  2. I want to see you at your best – If you’re going to submit music, make sure its professionally recorded. If you’re going to submit photography or video, make sure the edits are finished. Essentially, you want the world to see you at your best, and so do I. I expect your best quality if I’m going to feature you and expose your creative talent to the world.
  3. There are no limits to creativity – This site celebrates creative work in just about any form. You do hand carved woodworking? Sure, I’ll take a look. Crazy death metal mixed with dream pop? I’ll take a listen. I won’t promise I’ll accept everything, but I will always consider it.
  4. I’m sorry, but some personal bias is inevitable – I will do my absolute best to mitigate this, but this is inevitable in any form of art submission (some work gets rejected in one location and then turns into a massive success somewhere else). Please don’t take any rejections as personal criticism, just keep making your art.

Email your submissions to

Please use the subject headline “Submission” followed by your name and creative project in the email subject headline.

Within the email, you can attach your work directly or provide a URL link to where I can see it. Any accepted creative works will be contacted via their email for further discussion before anything is posting to the website.

Can’t wait to share what you’ve created!